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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 25, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the first time we'll hear from eddie long, gets pushed back. we're learning the terms of media access for tomorrow's
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church service outside of atlanta. not what was originally promised. a concert organized by one of america's favorite ministers raising questions and protests. some are calling it a christian recruiting tool. we're live. a mother and wife claims that tsa terrorized her and held her against her will. and no one will tell her why. i'm don lemon, thanks for joining us. midwest where the flooding in flood waters have forced 1,000 people from their home. the water is still surging even though the rain has stopped. there it is right there. this is the scene out of minnesota. that is the cannon river canal and the water is still climbing as we speak. one of the rivers is supposed to crest during the hour here.
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we're joined now by skype. tell us what you're seeing. >> we're seeing a wisconsin river the highest it's ever been since 1938. the water levels are about three feet from the back door of our house. we are hoping that the river has crested at this point, although we have at least a couple of watchful hours to make sure that everything holds. >> so tim, this is your front porch. is your home in any danger right now? >> our understanding is that our home was here the last time the river flooded in 1938, so we're keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that it's safe. there are about a half dozen homes in this neighborhood that have already flooded. downstream in wisconsin rapids, there are probably a similar number of homes that have flooded and there are a number
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of evacuations that are currently going on. >> we're seeing a little building there, it looks like a house or maybe a play or swingset or whatever. what is that right behind you? >> it's a small stone pump house, about 78 years old. the water on thursday of this week wasn't even at that level. at this point it's risen about halfway up that structure. so we're looking at about four or five feet of water with another four or five feet of the shelter above the surface of the river. >> have you dwone to downtown? and if you have, what have you seen there? >> we have been downtown a couple of times. we live between two dams, there's about four miles between the dams. the wisconsin rapids dam has at least 15 gates attached to it. it appears that most, if not all
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of them are open. there is some minor flooding. the bridge that connects the east and west portions of the town next to the paper mill has been closed because there are some concerns about the structural integrity of the bridge and they want to make sure that everybody stays safe. >> tim cross, one of our i-reporters joining us from his porch in byron, wisconsin. we turn to our meteorologists right here, bonnie. listen, this is major. what should you do in this situation and talk to us about what's happening on the ground there, how long is this going to go on? >> the threat continues and that's why we have so many watches and warnings posted in the midwest. the main thing to do is to have your emergency supply kit ready and have your family disaster plan in place. if it catches you off guard, get everything, all your belongings, especially electrical appliances up to the highest floor in your home. do not wait in the basement to
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watch and see what happens, because it's dangerous to walk through flood waters, even in your own home. if you're advised to turn off the electrical outlets in your home, follow those instructions and if you are advised to evacuate, it is for your own health and safety. the flood threat continues and the rain is working its way more southward of the original flood area. you could see heavy rain in indiana, into iowa, continuing for the evening hours. we have a powerful cold front right here working across the country. this will bring relief from the heat for places in the northeast and the mid-atlantic. don, temperatures in d.c., washington, climbed into the upper 90s yesterday. i know it's fall, it will feel that way very soon when this front passes through.
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>> thank you very much. we go now to another developing story here in georgia. specifically just outside of atlanta. tomorrow's church service at the new birth missionary baptist church could be the most important of bishop eddie long's ministry. he says he will directly respond to allegations he had sexual relationships with young men in his congregation. he's denied all these charges. martin savidge, you've been at the briefing for the press. we thought he would come out tomorrow and speak to the media. the terms are changing in this situation. >> conditions which the media is going to be allowed to have success is fluctuating. art franklin is the man who is the spokesperson for bishop long and he's the intermediary with us as the media. there were two services, 8:00 and 11:00, and the media was to have success.
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we would see live what was happening, bishop long speaking to the congregation. the new rules are different. halfway through the 8:00 service, the live feed will stop and our camera will have to leave. that is the moment bishop long would come in and begin speaking to the congregation about the allegations that have been made. the explanation that art franklin gives for this disruption is that the bishop wants to speak to the family, as he puts it, the congregation, delivering his message without interruption or interference coming from the media. that's why they're doing it this way. to make up for it, though, there is to be a news conference. bishop long and his wife and his attorneys will be at that news conference. >> why invite the media any what? why invite them to the service, cut them off halfway and invite them back to a room? >> again, this seems to be a
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number -- a plan that is evolving very, very quickly here. you know, earlier in the week we realized he was supposed to be on a radio program. that got canceled. there was going to be a news conference, that got canceled. we thought we would have access to both services, that's been changed. is this a conflict of what pr people are saying he should do, what his attorneys say and what he wants to do. >> he said he was innocent. he says he's innocent of all these charges. but people are going to draw their own conclusions and based on the way they are responding, including saying they're going to appear somewhere and then not. people are going to make up their own conclusions. >> they will, they always will, no matter what he does in this particular case. that's one of the things his pr people will say, no matter what he does, there will always be those that counter. reporters can be witness to what
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he says, we just can't record it. >> tell us about the fourth young man that's come forward. >> this suit came out yesterday. he's 22 years of age, he's a member of the new birth church, but not the one in atlanta but in a satellite perish in charlotte, north carolina. he says in 2005 at age 17, he met bishop long. they began talking on the telephone. thereafter, bishop long invited him on a trip to africa and that's where the relationship began. >> martin savidge will be covering this story for us and will join us tomorrow. take a lot of notes. you may want to bring a little keyboard as well. thank you, martin. much, much more on this story coming up at 7:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn, including ted haggard.
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and we'll speak with several members of the congregation to find out how they are dealing with these allegations and what's going to happen tomorrow. join us at 7:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. er news to tell you about. an invasion of privacy or tsa agents just doing their jobs? a wife and mother fighting back after she says that screeners at the airport at the philadelphia airport went way too far. a christian rock concert draws thousands of troops on a military base, but does it cross the line of separation of church and state? and it is a concept that's spreading like wildfire, for people who are tired of the 9:00 to 5:00 job. make sure you become part of the conversation. send me a message on twitter and facebook, check out my blog. we want to hear from you. uck, m. tow and pull without getting stuck month. sweat every day to make an honest buck...month. and if you're gonna try and do this in anything other than a chevy...
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a concert being staged today at ft. bragg, north carolina has drawn the attention of a watch dog group for the separation of church and state. the event is billed as a christian rally, being put on by the billy graham evangelistic association, which has staged similar events on other military bases. but critics say the gathering blurs the line between the state, in this case the military, and religion. cnn's pentagon correspondent chris lawrence has been followed this story and has more from both sides of this debate. >> the christian concert is called rock the fort and it's living up to its name. ♪ >> reporter: the billy graham
5:14 pm
evangelistic association is bringing christian rock bands to ft. bragg and some say crossing a line. >> the express purpose is to spread the gospel to all those lost. soldiers are being giving pieces of paper to bring seven more people to come to christ. >> reporter: ft. bragg advertised the concert on its website and more than 100 soldiers have complained of military religious freedom, sending e-mails like, please help us. this is wrong. >> i'm going to give you a chance to make a decision, it's your choice. >> reporter: rock the fort has been to several other places, including ft. jackson. >> we play not only they become soldiers, but we pray they'll come into god's army in a sense of giving their life to jesus christ. >> reporter: critics say that's a dangerous military to bring right into basic training. >> we're not supposed to be using the u.s. army to develop
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soldiers for christ. >> our goal, again, is not to convert anyone from either their particular faith they're a part of, and our goal is not to coerce anyone. >> reporter: ft. bragg's chaplain says the event on his base is open to the public. no one has to come. except the thousands of soldiers and their families who are excited to do so. >> it's up to the individual, and people like any message or any faith can choose to accept or reject. we're offering an invitation, but that invitation is only voluntary and of the free choice of that particular individual. >> reporter: the chaplain wrote to north carolina churches promoting the event. and billy graham's website states, it's designed to channel new believers into your church. americans united for separation of church and state wrote the
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secretary of the army urging him to stop the event. arguing the oormy is breaking the law by endorsing religion. the chaplain says the base is merely a host for anyone who wants to come. the chaplain told me that sharing the faith is part of the christian tradition and he's not only obligated but happy to provide the same support to other faiths on base if they wanted to put on a spectacular event. critics say when it comes to religion, all the army is supposed to do is officiate religious events and provide a place for soldiers to worship. and these concerts go way beyond that. chris lawrence, cnn, the pentagon. >> thank you, chris. that concert at ft. bragg is called the rock the fort event, being billed as a christian rally. it is just getting under way. we'll have video for you shortly here on cnn. the middle east peace process is down to the wire.
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a last-ditch effort to keep both sides from walking away from the table, just hours before construction moratorium is set to end soon. digging through personal receipts and checks in a woman's purse. this is what woman says happened to her in an airport in philadelphia. concierge claim centers. so i can just drop off my car and you'll take care of everything? yep, even the rental. what if i'm stuck at the office? if you can't come to us, we'll come to you in one of our immediate response vehicles!
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want to check our top stories right now on cnn. it's been a deadly weekend in los angeles. two men were shot, one fatally, as they sat in a parked car late last night. then early this morning, a fight broke out after a birthday party. eight people were shot, one fatally and three people were stabled. in addition, an 80-year-old man died in an apparent home invasion, and two men were shot to death in a los angeles park. a critical deadline on the israeli-palestinian peace talks is looming. palestinian authority mahmoud abbas said today that israel must extend its freeze
5:21 pm
onsetlement construction in the west bank to keep the negotiations alive. that freeze expires tomorrow. he also met with george mitchell after talks with hillary clinton yesterday to try to save the peace effort. popular kids channel nickelodeon went dark for three hours today, part of the worldwide day of play. first lady michelle obama went on the air to encourage children to turn off the tv, shut down the computer, put down the cell phone and go outside and play. programming was halted from noon eastern until 3:00 this afternoon. lindsay lohan out of jail after spending less than a day behind bars. a los angeles sheriff department says the actress posted a $300,000 bail and was released late last night. lohan was jailed yesterday morning after failing a court ordered drug test. she's due back in court for a hearing on revoking her probation. how would you like strangers
5:22 pm
asking you about your diet pills, your personal checks and receipts at the airport? one woman says it happened to her in philadelphia. now the aclu is suing on her behalf, saying security procedures are going way too far. cnn's kate bolduan has the story. >> reporter: cathy parker says her nightmare started with this wallet. >> they went through compartments, they kind of looked through like this. and in this compartment i keep a lot of receipts, so they were pulling out receipts and looking at them. they were opening them all the way up. >> reporter: that's when she said her trip through philadelphia airport security went too far. >> it was very uncomfortable, it was embarrassing to have your personal things from inside your wallet, receipts just laid out in the open and people looking. it was just a horrific
5:23 pm
experience. >> reporter: parker was flying to north carolina on business in august when she says transportation security administration agents and local law enforcement detained her for an hour, questioning her, searching her personal items, calling her husband to say she was suspected of embezzlement after finding $8,000 in checks in her wallet. >> they told him that they detained me because they suspected it was a divorce situation, and that i was emptying out our bank accounts. >> reporter: parker calls the incident humiliating, an invasion of privacy and is working with the aclu to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> cathy parker was violated. the tsa went far beyond their mandate in looking into whether this was a divorce situation or an embezzlement situation. that's not related to assuring the safety of aviation. what the tsa needs to understand is the airport is not a
5:24 pm
constitution free zone. >> reporter: although tsa does not restrict passengers from carrying large amounts of money, they do alert local law enforcement. they said, tsa strives to treat all messengers with dignity and respect. you looking for an explanation? >> i just -- that may help. but what i'm really looking for is just to avoid this happening to me or anyone else. i don't think anybody should pay this price when they fly. >> reporter: last year after a separate incident in st. louis, the aclu filed suit saying that incident reflected a larger problem of unlawful searches. cathy parker says she plans to file a lawsuit as well.
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kate bolduan, cnn, washington. >> thank you, kate. making a buck in an unlikely place. >> a line of people waiting for you to scrawl your name on a piece of plastic that you put music on, i mean, it's awesome. >> you might watch it for kicks, but see how some people are using youtube to make a profit and their dreams come true. maybe you can too. what's this option? that's new.
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in this economy, quitting your day job can be a dangerous proposition. but for some youtube users, they're turning their popularity into a living and into making money on the online video site. youtube has created a list of what you call unknown celebrities. people who probably have never heard of, from korean chefs to quirky film makers to bands and singers. they have legions of followers online. in the case of one college grad, she left her parent's place and is able to pay for a new york city apartment, all by herself. that's a lot of money. her youtube page has garnered more than 37 million viewers. ♪
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♪ i bet that you thought i forgot about our deal ♪ >> there's been a lot of people that have gotten a lot of recognition on youtube. i know most of the things that have come to me, i am a ukulele player, success wise, now touring and i got to do that because they found me on youtube. i think the first one that got a lot of views was "into the sunshine" which was a guitar song. ♪ and one of the first ones that i did -- ♪ >> i have no idea. maybe over a million. i think over a million by now. ♪
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i got like a really cool little following. of like 1,000 people up until "into the sunshine" got featured which kicked me up to like 10,000. i'm somewhere in like 150,000 subscribers, growing steadily. don't like the term youtube sensation, because it makes me feel like a laughing baby. a cat that fell down somewhere. this is my whole setup. now that i'm playing shows where everyone who is there bought a ticket specifically to see me, that's when it becomes real. not just a computer and microphone.
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♪ because it's easy to look at numbers on a screen and be like, yeah, i'm doing great. until there's like a girl that's nervous to meet you. that is a guitar, my baby. not only were my roommates frustrated with the boisterousness of any guitar, it is what i write half of my songs on. my neighbors would bs get frustrated, so i switched to this. it seemed to aggravate everyone less. if you want an audience, you can find your own audience, because i did. having people listen to what you have to say and the music you're making is probably one of the most gratifying things in the world. >> really? can you make money like that? all right, so if you like to
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sing or write songs, how do you use youtube to your advantage? tonight, we'll hear how a band of brothers did it. online, voice avenue has such a following, the brothers were able to figure out where they were popular and ended up packing in crowds in places like the philippines. they join us now live from tampa, florida. hello, guys. the oldest is daniel, fabbian and alejandro. so welcome. you were the attorney, you're the one that has the harvard law degree. you decided to quit because voice avenue was generating enough for all three of you to do it full time, right? >> yeah. it's been a great honor to get to do what we always wanted to do and what we love. we all had day jobs at the onset and we've just been very lucky. it took off online and now we
5:33 pm
tour and play for the fans and that's how we make our living. >> voice avenue is what's called a youtube partner, basically advertises for you to place ads on your page. is that the lucrative point, that's where you get your money? >> you know, for us, the way we post videos, we want it to be very fan friendly. we're more about getting the music out to the people and the videos. we do have some advertisements on our videos and that's been a big help for us. but for us, the big thing is to show people our music, you know, where they can get it on i tunes and amazon and for us to get out and see the fans on tour and stuff like that. >> so just to clarify just for me here, the way you make your money is for people to go on youtube -- i mean to go to amazon or i-tunes to pay for the music, the bulk of your money doesn't come from the advertising?
5:34 pm
>> it comes from a few different streams but for us the bulk of the money comes from more conventional ways like selling our music and touring and that kind of stuff. >> you have some impressive numbers, nearly 200 million views, more than 300,000 subscrib subscribers. what advice do you have to musicians who want to follow in your footsteps? >> i think the most important thing, like what we tried hard to do at the beginning, was to create your own identity and your own style. we had at the time we started, there was a lot of webcam videos that were out, which was just the primitive camera on the top of your computer. we decided we wanted to have a style that was just our open, where we had multiple cameras and angles, and just the way alejandro chose certain songs to do. so i would suggest or recommend people, if they have a style or
5:35 pm
want to try something, just do it. youtube is pretty much my primary search engine. i use it like i use google. >> alejandro, what is your goal? are you striving to be, you know, get to justin bieber status? >> interesting question. i mean, it's a tough question, because we're very grateful for everything that we have right now, but we always -- part of the reason we got where we are right now is setting our goals and having our standards high up there. so we still definitely feel like this is just the beginning for us, and we hope to keep getting bigger and bigger and maybe more of a cold play lifestyles type of a way. >> youtube will always be a part of what we do, and a huge part of what we do, because we love doing videos for the fans. but we're working on trying to get radio play and doing those kinds of things, too.
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>> thank you, guys. with the economy, people saying they're out of work, this is the new way, people are doing new and inventive things to earn livings and that's what they show you. it's not only musicians making money on youtube. tomorrow, we show you more ways that people are making money on youtube. that's during the 6:00 p.m. hour of the cnn newsroom on sunday. ahead, actress ricky lake introduces us to one of cnn's top ten heroes of 2010. and lace up your sneakers, grab your ipod. it's the new trend that's helping women put their best foot forward in the battle of the bulge. it's just outside of lancaster.
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you know, all year we've introduced you to remarkable, everyday people changing the world. this week, we announced our top ten cnn heroes of 2010. one of whom will become the cnn hero of the year. actress ricky lake introduces us
5:40 pm
to one of those nominees, susan burton, who overcame a troubled past to help female ex-cons get back on their feet. >> hi, i'm ricky lake. i've had the honor to help recognize people changing the world. as a supporter of 2008 top ten cnn heroes, i'm committed to building schools and preventing aids in malawi and i'm thrilled to help cnn introduce one of this year's top ten honorees. now more than ever the world needs heroes. >> we all leave prison saying i'm going to get my life on track. and you end up getting off a bus, downtown los angeles, skid row. many times you don't even make it out of the skid row area because you're caught up into that cycle again.
5:41 pm
my name is susan burton. after my son died, i used drugs. i went to prison six times. finally i found rehab, and i thought i can help women come home from prison. i pick them up, bring them back to the house. >> she offers you a warm bed, food. like a real family. she made me want to change my life. >> you've came a long way. >> this is nice. that's what it's all about. >> and look at that, there she is. susan burton joins us now live in los angeles. first of all, congratulations to you. what was your reaction when you learned you were named one of the finalists for the year? >> it felt like fireworks going off all in my body, to think
5:42 pm
that out of 10,000 nominations, i was chosen to go up into the top ten bracket. i was just, you know, amazed and very grateful. >> yeah. did you get any response when your story was initially told on cnn? >> yes, i got responses from all over the nation. a new way of life is a small organization located in south l.a. and this is a national problem and concern. and i got e-mails from all across the country of people wanting to establish little places in their communities and usher people back into a safe environment and productivity. as a matter of fact, there have been three women, one in phoenix, nadia, who has started an organization called wings of hope. and there's a lady down in
5:43 pm
chicago, geraldine, who started an organization, and there's a woman in north carolina who has started an organization. and i've been kind of mentoring and helping them get it going. it takes a lot of work. >> it does. and i have to say when you're dealing with -- there are a number of things, but when you're dealing with ex-cons, homeless people and sometimes people with hiv, they're sometimes the people forgotten about. for you to do this is a big deal. it's a lot of work and we shouldn't turn our backs on people because people -- they're supposed to go to prison or jail and then they should come out and be redeemed, right? >> exactly. they've served their time, they returned back to the community. and they're looking for a way to fit in, and a way to give to the community, a way to be productive. you know, we're talking about 500,000 people across this country are released every year. when there's no resources or
5:44 pm
support for them, you have tragedy. when there is resources, you have this amazing transformation and amazing new person that takes up their place and begins to parent and begins to work and begins to contribute to the community. >> yeah. susan burton, congratulations to you. your kind spirit comes through the television and we'll be watching to see if you become the cnn hero of the year. i'm sure you're hoping anderson cooper announces your name. good luck to you. >> you're welcome and thank you. >> you can vote online. i'm talking to you the viewer, for a cnn hero, the one who inspires you the most. all ten will be featured on cnn and will be honored on thanksgiving night. that's hosted by anderson but only one will be named cnn hero of the year and your vote will count. another blow to an already
5:45 pm
devastated country. eight months after a massive earthquake rocked haiti, now this. right now, there's a nurse saving a life in baltimore. 20 minutes later, she'll bring one into the world in seattle. later today, she'll help an accident victim in kansas. how can one nurse be in all these places? through the nurses she taught in this place. johnson & johnson knows, behind every nurse who touches a life... there's a nurse educator... who first touched them. ♪ you're a nurse ♪ you make a difference and people like what we're saying..
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let's check the top storeys on cnn. torrential rains are mostly gone, but the water left behind is causing problems in the upper midwest. thursday's downpours have left to a weekend of cresting creeks and rivers in parts of minnesota and wisconsin. no reports of deaths or injuries, though. the flooding is expected to last through the weekend. it came with no warning and at least five people were dead. talking about a fierce storm that roared through haiti's earthquake ravaged capital of port-au-prince yesterday. heavy rains and winds tore down trees and power lines and tents. crews are searching for people who may still be trapped or injured. new video out of ft. bragg
5:49 pm
that we told you about. less than an hour ago, this christian concert got under way. the rock the fort event is being put on by the billy graham evangelistic association. critics tried to get it canceled, saying it blurs the line between the state and the religion. it got under way just about an hour ago. i'm absolutely thrilled. i mean, all i ever wanted to do is go back to my unit and do my job. so just for that chance i'm excited. >> that is air force veteran margaret witt reacting to a judge's ruling that found her discharge unconstitutional. the judge ordered the air force to reinstate her to duty. the new york film festival is under way this weekend and one of the more an sticipated films highlights mark
5:50 pm
zuckerberg, as he builds the website facebook. actor seven spacey says the movie captures the essence of the subject. >> i think it's great if you can set out to make a movie that does capture its to make a movie that does capture its time. there are few movies that do it. we certainly know the movies that have done in the past, and those are movies that stay with us that we love to watch again and again that you capital ever get enough of, and every time you see, you see something new. i think this film has that level of complexity and depth and great direction, great writing. all the things you hope a movie will do. >> the social network will be in theaters october 1st. if it gets as many viewers as facebook, it will do really, really well. it's motivation to get moving. >> you could sing songs about lowering your cholesterol, but that wouldn't be very motivate, but talking about fitting into
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oh. about what? uh, they don't really think you're an exchange student. what? they think you're a businessman, using our house to meet new clients in china. for reals, player? [ woman speaks chinese ] they overheard a phone call. [ speaks chinese ] something about shipping with fedex to shanghai. and then you opened a bottle of champagne. that was for a science project. [ man and woman speaking chinese ] i'm late rehearsal. [ man speaks chinese ] you and i are cool? i'll be home by curfew. [ male announcer ] we understand.® you need a partner who can help you go global. fedex. >> heidi got a birthday surprise when she turned 50. one that she didn't appreciate, though. as a result she went looking for what she calls chick empowerment music to help get herself motivated lose weight. our dr. sanjay gupta has her
5:54 pm
story in today's fit nation report. >> reporter: for silicone valley entrepreneur heidi recognizen the days were long, and nutrition was the last thing on her mind, but when she stepped on the scale on her 50th birthday. >> i hit this number, and it was a real wake-up call for me, and i realized that all those years of being in the fast lane, working hard, not taking care of myself had taken its toll. >> so she did what she does best. she started a company. a music company of all things. >> i wanted, you know, chick empowerment music. upbeat stuff about you go, girl, you're going to get in your jeans and wear leopard print again someday, but i couldn't find anything like that, so one of the things i did to change my life is decided music like that needed to exist, and i started writing music. ♪ skinny jeans >> reporter: along with the help of music producers, heidi created skinny songs. the song i get the most fan mail about is one called "you da
5:55 pm
boss." ♪ got to let it go pass you by >> the songs have been a success. >> as somebody said to me, you could sing songs about lowering your cholesterol, but that wouldn't be motivate, but talking about fitting into your skinny jeans, that's motivating. >> practicing what her songs preach. she's lost more than 40 pounds and is in charge of how she looks and how she feels. >> it was really about permanent changes that i could live with day in and day out. ♪ music, use it >> still ahead here on cnn, don't forget to duck. this is one dodgeball game for the record books, but keep your eyes on the balls, if you can. there are hundreds of them flying in all directions. mmmm. you don't love me anymore do you billy? what? i didn't buy this cereal
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to sweet talk your taste buds it's for my heart health. good speech dad. [ whimper ] [ male announcer ] honey nut cheerios tastes great and its whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. bee happy. bee healthy. t adththod it's dif - alcium crhea
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time now for what we like to do here every weekend, give you some interesting stories that you might have missed throughout the week. that looks fun. i would like to be there for that. jeff foxworthy might say, it was pandalerium. the biggest dodgeball event staged at the university of california in irvine. nearly 1,800 students turned out to smash the old record by more than 500 people. the guinness record folks were on hand to make the new record official. they didn't do it at globo gym. in cambridge, mass marks a doggy playground is turning all those little gifts that dogs inevitably leave behind into energy. the poo is deposited into special containers that compose it -- or


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